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Power of Possibility

This introduction to our four-month transformational curriculum sets the stage for the rest of your life. It’s an environment that provides an opportunity for you to create a new perspective about who you are and what you’re truly capable of. In just 3 days, you will develop a new set of tools that will support you in any challenge, guide you within any relationship, and elevate you to your own personal next level.

Through a series of experiential exercises, games, and inspiring lectures, you will be able to clearly see what has been holding you back from living at your utmost desired level. Any lingering resentment, limiting beliefs, communication blocks, or self doubt that may be holding you back will begin to fade away as you experience being more powerful than any given situation.

For personal development veterans, this is the perfect restart button for you on your continuing journey. Each participant has an equal opportunity to get massive value from this life-enhancing experience.

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Breakthrough and Transformation

With your new set of tools, you’ll be able to put it all into practice as you redesign and expand your vision for your life, relationships, and purpose.

These 4 days could easily be the most powerful days of your life. You will learn how to transform deeply-rooted patterns and beliefs from your past so you can break through your fears of success, failure, intimacy, commitment, self expression, change, creativity, and responsibility.

Through this transformational part of your journey, you will master time management, goal-setting, empowering others, self love, and effective communication. There isn’t another experience quite like this on the planet! Get ready to launch into yet another level of being your best self as you prepare for what’s next.

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Peak Performance

Now that you’ve created your new perspective, you’re ready to take on the world in a way you never have before.

Over the course of 3 months, you will be supported by a personal coach to ensure that you are setting new goals and reaching them every day.

This mastermind offers you the guidance that will best support you as begin to live the life you have redesigned. You will have the opportunity to give back to the community and impact the world in a profound way.

We offer team-building and connecting experiences, intensive training weekends, and a life-changing retreat that will inspire you to become a real-life superhero.

Every area of your life will thrive, and you will learn how to sustain this level of passion, integrity and excellence as an independent and self-sufficient leader so you can continue to ascend well after you graduate.

About the Team

Jenna Phillips Ballard

Jenna began her career in 2006 as a certified personal trainer and life coach for celebrities and has been featured on Dr. Phil and The Doctors. Halfway through her career, she realized that she had a bigger calling. She’s on a mission to motivate and inspire as many people as possible to become leaders and make this world a better place. She is committed to redefining what it means to be a millionaire or billionaire, and this will depend on the millions or billions of lives we all touch, enhance, and improve as an army of thought leaders.

Jenna wants everyone to truly fall in love with themselves, because Self Love will heal this planet. She discovered the power of Self Love when she made a full recovery from brain damage after waking up from a coma in 2000. Her commitment to making a full recovery depended solely on how she thought of herself, and she realized that her purpose is to empower others to break through their limiting beliefs and create an unforgettable life.

Brad Ballard

Brad Phillips

Brad is an effectiveness and leadership coach, while specializing in facilitating workshops and trainings for corporations. From coaching and mentoring owners of real estate companies and financial service franchises, to coaching a Division 1 soccer team at UCI, Brad has mastered a wide variety of coaching positions. His unique approach to empowerment and self development supports people in becoming a powerful leader in every aspect of their lives.

Brad’s mission is to move and inspire people to live their passion; to create a world where people are excited about life and wanting to give back. He is committed to supporting people in breaking through whatever is holding them back and to achieve their goals by having them accomplish greatness in every area of their life.

Michael Strasner

Michael’s philosophy is that life is much more than having “to do” lists, obligations and settling for the ordinary. Our biggest possibility is to uncover our true purpose and to live it with shameless passion and enthusiasm.

His mission in life is to empower people to take committed action on their visions and dreams with a true sense of urgency. He believes in people and their ability to transform themselves into leaders and examples of what’s possible.

For the past 30 years he has facilitated both personal and corporate seminars and workshops on topics ranging from relationships, communications, leadership, entrepreneurship, public speaking and team building, among others. Additionally, he is the best selling author of “Living on the Skinny Branches: Five Tools to Creating Power, Freedom and a Life Worth Living”.

His clients span the United States, Central America and Europe, from Fortune 500 executives, Presidents, C.E.O’s and mid-level managers to entrepreneurs, baby boomers, new parents and college students.

Chris Lee

Chris has spent over 25 years of his life transforming the lives of thousands of people worldwide through his workshops, coaching, and participation in all media, teaching people how to live an abundant prosperous life.

He is the auther of the best seller “Dile Yes! Ala VIDA.” Chris is also the creator of “The Torch Workshop”, a leadership seminar for teenagers 13-17 years old that has been offered to thousands of adolescents around the world. He has led corporate workshops for hundreds of corporations such as Coca Cola, Unilever, Amgen, Proctor and Gamble, National Insurance, Miss America, and many others.

Chris has hosted numerous television shows and podcasts worldwide including ones on Univision and Telemundo. He can currently be heard nationwide on Univision’s “Maria Marin Live!” and can also be heard on Lewis Howes’ podcast, “The School of Greatness”.Contact Us

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