ASCENSION: 5 continuous weeks of mindset shifts and EQ tools that will turn obstacles into opportunities!

Abundant Living – April 29th

This workshop with Chris Lee will empower you to shift from a scarcity mindset into one of abundance in all areas of your life! We will be covering 5 of the most important principles of Abundance and  Prosperity so that they become a part of your daily habits and practices. There is no better time than now to begin living with these mindset shifts so you can learn how to move through anything that’s standing in your way.

Masterful Living –  May 6th

We all want extraordinary results: success and growth in our careers, an abundance of money and infinite choices, excellent health and well being, and to discover our purpose in life.

When do we want it? Now! Especially in this time of uncertainty, we’re impatiently waiting for the answers to the questions we’ve had for a lifetime:

  • Why am I here? 
  • Who am I? 
  • Can I have it all?
  • What’s my true purpose?  
  • Am I worthy enough, smart enough, capable enough?

In this inspiring, exciting, stimulating and philosophical journey led by Michael Strasner, you will be in the discovery of what it will take to create Masterful Living.

Inspirational Communication –  May 13th

The key to success is having connected and authentic relationships. One of the most critical components in all kinds of relationships is communication. The Inspirational Communication workshop will provide you with a breakthrough in your ability to Communicate and Inspire everyone around you – whether it’s one on one, with a small group, connecting with your team, or speaking to a massive audience. This workshop with Chris Lee will provide you with 7 keys to learn effective and inspiring communication.

The Power of Intimacy – May 20th

Often when we hear the word intimacy, we may automatically think of sexual intimacy or we may think that intimacy is something to only be shared with a special “someone” or just with people that you could trust?

What if intimacy were actually the very thing that could create the kind of relationships you wanted? What if it became your superpower? What if intimacy were something that could cause or create opportunities for you both professionally and personally? What if you could easily achieve the results you’re looking for, or more importantly, have the experiences in life you’ve always wanted.

It takes a lot of years and hard work to build up walls and hide behind masks. Constantly picking and choosing who you’re going to “let in” and who you’re keeping at arm’s length is exhausting.

Explore this beautiful, deep, and heart-felt journey to intimacy with Michael Strasner. You will learn how intimacy will set you free and open up infinite possibilities.

Fulfilled Partnership – May 27th

Some of the biggest challenges in romantic relationships can arise when there is a lack of connection, shared vision, and masculine/feminine balance. In this workshop with ALA cofounders Brad and Jenna Ballard, you will join them as they support you in looking at your past and present relationship patterns, your current relationship pros, and cons, or the ideal relationship you’re wanting to have.

In order for you to know where you’re going, it’s vital to know where you’ve been and why you show up the way that you do in your romantic partnerships.

You will learn how to speak with your partner in a way that can create the outcome you both desire. If you’re looking for “the one”, you will learn how to be the best match for your person, and create a harmonious environment for you both. It takes teamwork to make the dream work!


Wednesdays at 5 pm PT
(between 90 and 120 minutes each) 

Your tuition for this online course can be applied toward future enrollment Leadership Development Programs in 2020!

* All workshops will be recorded and available in the private Facebook group
* All workshops will be recorded and made available in the private
Facebook group for continued access
* There will be a follow-up Facebook Live session in the group every Thursday
at 10 am PST to debrief the content and takeaways from each workshop
* You will receive ongoing coaching and support with each week’s breakthrough opportunity in the Facebook group

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