Discover & Ignite Unbridled Potential

Our children are the future of our world. To teach, encourage and elevate our youth is one of the most important responsibilities that we can have as adults. At ALA we are committed to teaching the upcoming leaders of our community how to be confident, emotionally intelligent, mature and courageous.

We are committed to providing effective tools to these amazing young adults while they are navigating the most uncertain times in their lives. Here at ALA, we know it is our responsibility and privilege to offer these experiential trainings to our future leaders.

These trainings are an opportunity for the students to reinvent their negative self-talk and limiting beliefs that they may have about themselves and their world. Limiting beliefs that are built upon an insecure foundation will prevent them from creating and having an extraordinary life. This environment is fertile ground for them to plant the seeds of their dreams and use specific tools to tend to their own gardens.

Our curriculum is broken up into three Levels. The lifelong journey of emotional intelligence is introduced in Level 1. In this training, the students will discover where their fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs actually come from. They will be invited and empowered to take on their life in such a way that nothing is more powerful than their vision.

In Level 2 we will put these new tools to the test. The students will learn what is means to play team and stand as source of leadership and inspiration. In this part of our curriculum, the students will practice choosing the road less traveled and a lifelong path of leadership.

Our Level 3 process will set up each student with a mentor who will guide him or her through a series of practices. This integration will teach them how to dream, declare and deliver. They will have a private coaching call once a week throughout the month following their level 2.

It is up to each student to implement these new practices in order to maintain emotional intelligence and change the world in their own unique and special way.

What you get to know:

  • Students are between the ages of 12 and 16 in order to participate in levels 1 & 2 for teens
  • Each student must complete the following: health form, release waiver, and a prep call prior to the trainings
  • Please ensure that your child arrives in comfortable clothes (layers included) and is well-rested
  • Set your child up with snacks and a packed meal for each day of the training
  • Ending times are approximate, so please be prepared to be flexible
  • Full participation and engagement is required to receive maximum value from this process
  • Students will be given homework to complete after each day of the training


Level 1:
5pm (registration begins)

Level 2:
10am (registration begins)
*End times are approximate

Travel advisory: for students who are traveling by plane, we suggest arriving in San Diego one-day prior to avoid flight delays or cancelations. Do not book any flights earlier than 9 pm on Sunday. Please secure lodging for your child that is not far from the actual training to ensure that he/she arrives on time.


L1: MAR 15 – 17, 2019

L2: MAR 29 – 31, 2019

TL 1– Special Offer

Registration Cost – $1,495


TL1 – Installment Plan

Three Payments of $665