Ashley Hannawacker

Ashley Hannawacker


I truly believe that the world would be such a beautiful and powerful place if everyone got to experience ALA!

For me personally, it has allowed me to confront and overcome some of my biggest obstacles and fears. It has given me the tools and leadership to go after my vision and has allowed me to manifest the relationship and man of my dreams into my life!

My transformation has been INCREDIBLE and I have had friends and loved ones comment on the positive changes they can see in me! I used to hate public speaking because I was so bad at it! Now I’m grabbing the microphone every chance I get and speaking with confidence and power!

The leader in me has been unleashed thanks to ALA! I am beyond grateful.

Mathew Shaffer

Publicist, Business Consultant and Speaker

It feels nearly impossible to quantify the impact that Ascension Leadership Academy has had on my life, but I’m going to give it a shot. Please let me begin by sharing the journey that led me to this profound program.

After spending my 20s chasing my ego down rabbit hole after rabbit hole during successful careers as an attorney and restaurant owner, I had achieved much but hadn’t found the sense of fulfillment or completeness I was looking for.

There was an underlying tension within me as I crossed the threshold into my 30s, a sense of “so this is it?” To combat this feeling I dedicated myself to personal development and spent 2 years and thousands of dollars pursing it – I joined a mastermind, built routines, overhauled my diet, shifted my mindset, embraced spirituality, and read dozens of books on becoming a better person. I made lots of positive changes in my life (new career, new outlook, etc.), but still felt trapped within myself somehow. Something was still missing. But I had no idea what that “thing” was, so I made a decision to simply accept this feeling as how I was wired and keep moving in a positive direction…hopefully it would go away on its own, even though I had been feeling it for as long as I could remember.

Then a close friend recommended ALA to me, and I found myself at a cosmic crossroads. I had never invested that much money in myself for a single experience before. I had no idea what the program was about, only that it was an emotional intelligence leadership program that promised transformation if you “trusted the process.” On an intuitive whim I decided to do it in spite of my resistance to the price; my thinking was that the cost of living my life in a state of latent lack of fulfillment and anxiety was likely far greater than the price of attending.

What followed was an experience beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. I looked deep within myself and broke through walls I never knew I had; emotional barriers that had been cutting me off from my authentic self since I had been in college. I awoke the Monday after Level 1 without anxiety for the first time in over a decade. I saw the world through a completely different lens – I appreciated the beauty around me in a way I never had before. I had amazing conversations with my friends and family that redefined those relationships with a deeper degree of intimacy and connection. I gained revelatory clarity in my vision and professional goals which launched me into exciting new directions and projects. As the program went on, my heart opened and was passion was reignited in every area of my life. I knew that I would never be the same, and I was right.

So in conclusion, I will say that while I am technically finishing up our program, I feel like the true journey of my life is just beginning. I have reconnected with the powerful, passionate and free creator that I always have been, and I will never let the world swirling around me allow me to forget that again. If you want to reconnect with your infinitely powerful authentic self and propel yourself into a life where you are joyfully living your highest purpose, trust your intuition and do Ascension Leadership Academy. You won’t be disappointed.

Devani Freeman

Devani Freeman

CEO + Modern Marketing Strategist

My life will never be the same after ALA. I came to ALA to step into my full potential and break through my limiting beliefs. I experienced that and much more. I uncovered deep wounds that I had NO idea I was holding onto; wounds that were robbing me of my confidence, power and authenticity.

After Level 2 I felt like my life was reborn. I released old stories and create a new reality based on my true confidence and authenticity that was always there – I was just in the way.

In addition to huge breakthroughs, I also received a brand new family. A family of 29 other souls that love me unconditionally. That hold space for me and allow me to be my messy self. I feel so blessed to have been able to go through this experience and stand for myself like never before.

I now lead in my company completely differently, my relationships have all been uplifted and healed, I take action like never before and life has never been so amazing! If you want to break through anything in your life – this is the program. Combine emotional intelligence and heart based love. I hope every single human being can experience this as our planet would be completely different.

Marie Hudson

BEING ME - writer, truth inspired fitness, and coach for woman to walk into freedom

My life has forever changed over the past 6 months. Before Ascension Leadership, I coached with Jenna several months with the goal of overcoming a 10 year eating disorder.  Right from our first conversation, I knew there was something DIFFERENT in the way she spoke to me, the way she could see into me, and the way she called me forth — specifically to my own voice and passions. I’ve been to counseling, read self help books, went through tons of other programs — but this was the first time where I discovered I had a CHOICE, and I am WORTHY enough to love myself.

After coaching with Jenna, she told me about the first group of ALA in San Diego, and without fully knowing what I was getting into – I trusted her, and committed within the same conversation….WITH OUT having the funds available.  Within 3 days everything was paid for, and I started on the journey of a lifetime.  ALA taught me how to create breakthroughs and see everything as an opportunity, a blessing.  I walked out of level 2, KNOWING I am a Powerful, Worthy, Confident leader…and the same freedom I have in me, is available to EVERYONE.

Not only have I walked into freedom, but I’ve come to  clarify and commit myself to my vision for my life, and LEARN how to actually create space for my vision to be a reality.  You are pushed, held accountable, coached, and completely loved all at the same time.  You truly learn to trust the process, while allowing vulnerability to be your strength.  I am now a freelance writer, blogger, video blogger, yoga instructor, and am creating a coaching business to walk others into the freedom they have inside.

Rebecca Boatman

Influence Manager, Fitlife.TV


Ascension Leadership Academy gave me the experience of a lifetime. My eyes have opened to a whole new way of living. The academy space and setting allowed me to release my scariest demons and also face & understand every thought that I was drowning in.

I have never felt surrounded by so much love, light, and connection. Leaders all around me spoke into my darkest moments and shed light upon my heart.

I let go of mental & physical baggage. They gave me the tools to see my true self and to fall back in love with myself. I can’t help but cry happy tears while I write this because I am free.

I am free and I see myself differently every morning. My experience was absolutely priceless and I would do it all over again. Jenna & Brad, you are forever my angels. <3

Jessica Shaanan

Holistic Health Coach For Addictive Eating

Ascension Leadership Academy has completely changed my life, and I haven’t even finished my entire journey yet! I signed up, not sure what I was in for, with one goal; to get out of my head and live more from my heart and my gut instincts. I knew how much fire I had to have in order to be my best and drive my life and business forward in big ways, but for some reason I wasn’t. I was constantly feeling busy, stuck, and worried. Being scared to make the wrong decisions was paralyzing in every way.

Fast forward 3 months into ALA, and my entire being is changing in exactly the direction I wanted – but faster than I thought possible! I hear my gut instinct louder and clearer than ever before. I’m so much more tuned-in to myself that not only do I take action faster, and with less fear and hesitation in my business, but in every area of my life; with my family, friends, dating, being a landlord…

My values are clearer, my boundaries are clearer, and most importantly, my vision is clear as day! I know exactly why I’m making the decisions and taking the risks I do on a regular basis, which is leaps and bounds from where I was a few months ago.

ALA is a gift to my life and everyone in it, and I know it will keep giving long after the programs ends! I have been an analytical over-thinker my whole life. Before ALA it was a hindrance, now I get to use it and love it as one of my gifts! If you’re the same, don’t over-think this. The details don’t matter, I promise. Just go!

Heather Stafford

Creative Support Ninja and Chief Optimization Orchestrator for Inspirement Tribe

I was born to an angel. Yes, I mean it!! My mother is superwoman and has always shown me that possibility is limitless. I am an artist by design; I have dabbled in many things in my life always striving towards change, progression, and the next adventure on the horizon.

Recently I made the decision to try something that I might not have even given thought had I not surrounded myself with people that I could look to for inspiration and enlightenment. I took a leap of faith and signed up for experiential emotional intelligence training with ALA San Diego.

Now, I know what you might be thinking right about now… “I don’t need something like that, I am living a good life, and I have the things that I want, nothing is wrong with me…”

Well, I am here to tell you that everyone gains knowledge, insight and value from personal development, even the leaders in this field speak to the fact there is value in knowledge. I will never see the world through the same lens, it is amazing what has changed. I have shifted into seeing joy in such a new way, even through the darkest parts of my life, and the highest points of my career.

Learning that there is balance that is accessible in everything that we do. That focusing and being present to the world around you creates more opportunity that you could ever imagine. I have gained direction in my purpose and vision for my life. Shifted into a healthier, more aware mindset and created results that I had stuck in a “dreamers” list of what would it be like if… and had always thought I would never accomplish.

I am aware. I have dismissed limiting beliefs that I had no idea were even there. I have shifted my entire life into a new realm of thinking that has catapulted everything to the next level and beyond. I am committed action, always. Nothing can stop me, except myself.

I•▲M a passionate, vulnerable, and loving LEADER.

From the depth of my soul with love,

Matthew Emershy

CEO/Founder The Transformational Experience Director of Operations OpenHouse360

My name is Matthew Emershy, and I am 27 years old. Before I took on My Life in ALA, I had done multiple personal growth workshops, and I loved to read about personal growth. I thought I had already done so much work, but I wanted to learn more. There were still some things that were holding me back, but I didn’t know what they were. I couldn’t put my finger on the very things that were standing in my way.

I didn’t feel comfortable just being me, or in my own skin, at times. I didn’t think I was worthy of Love or having the relationship of my dreams. Going through the trainings allowed me to break these barriers to have anew level of confidence that is so liberating. Taking my life on, and creating the life I’ve always wanted, simply felt like something I could have only when I dreamt at night. As I’m thriving powerfully in the middle of the Level 3 trainings, I truly feel that I can have it all… The relationship, the healthy body and physique, the Love, the business, the amazing friends and mentors: it’s all becoming a reality!

It’s all here, because I took the jump and knew that if I didn’t commit to taking on my life now, when would I truly do it? I am beyond ecstatic that I made the choice to create a new level of excellence for myself. My life feels so surreal, and it is a blissful experience! I feel empowered and inspired daily, which is something I now get to take with me to share with the world. Embarking on a journey with ALA is single-handedly the greatest decision I have ever made.

With the utmost Love and Gratitude

Julie Serot

CEO & Manifesting Queen at Money Alignment Yoga Academy

Before going through ALA, I felt “not-enoughness” and a feeling of constant pressure, even despite how well I was doing! I was consistently earning multiple-six figures with my business that I loved, but I still was struggling with finding the relationship of my dreams and feeling amazing in my body. I also felt a total disconnect with my family which I had, at that point, accepted as my reality.

Even after just the first day of the Level 1 training, I knew I had made the right choice by participating in ALA.

I’ll never forget the lightness, freedom, and happiness I felt the second morning of Level 1. I cried in my meditation that morning at the “newness” I felt about my life.

And it only got better from there.

With each subsequent Level and training weekend, not only did I discover my true power (which, by the way, did NOT come from effort and pressure like I had initially thought it would, but rather came from vulnerability and evocation), but I also discovered a level of confidence that wasn’t available to me before. I discovered self-trust, I had a breakthrough in my fear of rejection, and I realized I had a need to be liked.

As a result of all of this, I started earning income in a way that felt joyful, fun, and in-flow, rather than my previous experience of stress and intense effort.

I reconnected with my sister and now enjoy an authentic, fun, supportive, trusting relationship with her that I never believed would ever be possible.

I’ve dropped 6% body fat and continue to achieve my body composition goals, with more ease and fun and self-love than I’ve experienced in my years of living.

Most exciting of all, since begining these trainings, I’ve met the man that I know I’m meant to be with. The whole experience from first meeting him to the current moment has been pure MAGIC, and it simply wouldn’t have happened without ALA. The coaching I have received through the support of the training process has contributed to creating a loving, giving, and strong foundation for our relationship.

My fears, doubts, and secret skepticisms about my vision and myself no longer feel real like they used to. They haven’t gone away (indeed, they never will!), rather I have developed a supportive and healthy relationship with them that allows me to be successful, free, and happy.

To anyone that is considering signing up for this training, I would say, please don’t deprive yourself of abundance, freedom, love, or happiness for one more moment! Sign up now! And for those who already have all of those things and are ready for the NEXT level, I would say, the possibilities are simply endless! Allow yourself to be guided and supported, because your life is NOW and you get to experience all of the fun, abundance, love, and adventure of your wildest dreams!!!

Kevin Taban

Founder, Brookhurst Insurance

ALA is a world class leadership academy. This was a great opportunity to develop my skill set as an entrepreneur and leader for my organization. I am more organized, driven, and focused by completing this experience. We touched so many different aspects of leadership, from focusing out, to operating with compassion, enrolling others into your vision, and stepping into your ultimate power.

Do not hold back. This is a chance to overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from leading a life of freedom and abundance. You get to work hard and play hard. And this stuff is fun. You build deep connections with other world class leaders all across the country. I highly recommend this experience to those who strive for excellence.

Crystal Fambrini


“I am in complete support of Ascension Leadership Academy because I have experienced the trainings, and the results are truly life changing. I didn’t think I needed to work on my emotional intelligence, but I took a leap of faith into the waters of transformation.

As a result of completing all three of these trainings, and just in the last year alone, I have completely transformed all four main pillars of my life; my wealth has quadrupled, my new health routine has gotten me in the best shape of my life, my relationships with myself, friends, family, lover, and colleagues are the strongest to date, and my growth in spirituality has blossomed and allows me to connect with hundreds of thousands of people.
I am amazed at the results that I personally have experienced. ALA will show you how to access your magic!”

DeKoven Ashley

Co-Founder of thrdPlace


“Entrepreneurship requires vision. But, that’s often the easy part. The challenge is in managing execution and developing relationships. I have trained Emotional Intelligence (EI) with Brad Ballard, co-founder of Ascension Leadership Academy. I am excited that the launch of ALA will combine the best practices for training in EI and entrepreneurship.

So, ask yourself what you want to do. In my experience, my success in entrepreneurship is as much a direct result of ‘unlearning’ as learning. These trainings have supported me to unlearn beliefs that no longer support my growth. As an entrepreneur, I want to lead, to listen and to persevere. If you want to find the path to success for your vision, I suggest enrolling into ALA’s trainings.”

Aimee Follete

Executive Chef / Founder & Owner of Sun In Bloom

and anything could happen here.
a miracle could happen,
you finding yourself
could happen,
hell, maybe you
could even find someone
and fall in love… who knows… all you have to do is believe.
beautiful things happen
when you begin to believe.
r.m. drake

While on a mission in January to both source creativity, inspiration and vision for Sun In Bloom’s cookbook AND put myself back together after my soul shattering experience, it took just one moment, sitting across the table from the powerful, loving, connected and giving woman Jenna Phillips Ballard (co-founder of the Ascension Leadership Academy), sharing almond lattes and kale, that opened the door home to my true Self. And because I chose to believe my soul shattering experience was a gift, I was open to receive the key being presented to me, in this moment, to unlock the gate that would help me source Self Love. Today, my life is forever changed.
My vision is for everyone to believe in miracles, love, freedom, and that everything we dream up is truly available for us to experience, because beautiful things DO happen when we begin to believe.

I believe that if everyone in our world experiences the the masterful tools and coaching ALA provides, we can live in harmony and peace together. I did not understand what FREEDOM meant until I took on this program. My life has transformed beyond what I had ever dreamed was possible and the tangible results are there for me to share. In just four weeks, I rebuilt one of my businesses with power and grace to reflect my authentic vision for it. I attracted and hired my dream team AND increased its profits. I’ve become a source for presence, deep connection, and love and have transformed every relationship. Most importantly I am living my life aligned with my authentic Self and in full integrity. It’s been an invaluable journey and I am grateful I took on this journey believing my dreams were still possible.


& Karla Diana

Going to ALA has been the best decision for our relationship. Since
attending ALA we were able to let go of so many beliefs that were getting
in the way of truly experiencing a beautiful partnership.

We let go of all personal fears about ourselves and around the conversation of
relationships. We got to grow individually by learning to love everything
about ourselves and in return we are now able to do that of each other.
We really understand that one plus one equals 3.

We are our own selves and when we come together we create Magic; such that we are expecting our
first child after being together for 7 years. We are so excited and happy for what we get to create for our family now.

We are forever thankful and Grateful for the stand that this company takes
for people in their lives and how much they truly care for each person
that they come in contact with.

We are truly Blessed